At the 144th Audio Engineering Society Convention hosted in Milan, Italy from May 23 – 26, Chicago Mastering Service Engineer Margaret Luthar presented on several topics.

  • Mastering for Digital and Vinyl Distribution
    • In recent years it has become more common that files destined for digital distribution (iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, etc.) find their way to vinyl release. During this session a brief description of digital distribution release formats and channels, as well as vinyl as a media will be provided. Mastering engineers will discuss differences and specifics of mastering for each of them, as well as commonalities.
  • Styling Your Live and Recorded Classical, Jazz, and Acoustic Ensemble Sound
    • Venue, ensemble and performers, musical material, engineer’s/producer’s vision, equipment available, purpose, and logistics. All of these things influence the choices a live recording or live sound engineer makes when planning and recording or reinforcing a live concert or event. Join our panel of live event recording and sound engineers as they discuss how and why they chose the techniques they used for varied classical, jazz, and other acoustic music situations and play some of the results for you. Material and situations presented will range from entry level non-professional ensemble events to professional productions.

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The 144th AES Convention brought together the world’s largest gathering of audio professionals, offering attendees opportunities to hear from top audio industry figures while also sharing the latest research and technology information through informative papers, tutorials, workshops and special events.

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