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In case you couldn’t tell, most of the audio work I do is related to mastering.  What exactly is mastering?  People like to make it out to be some really mysterious thing, but at its heart it’s Quality Control.  We are the last stage of the creative process for an audio production, and the first step in the physical production (or in the case of streaming services, distribution).  The most important tools mastering engineers have are our ears, a transparent and trustworthy listening space, objectivity – gear is important but in my opinion, is secondary to the former.  Perhaps more of our gear is surgical, and we also have tools related to audio restoration – sound removal programs, etc.  Accurate metering is important, so what we deliver to a client or labels falls within a reasonable spec for the medium it’s being disseminated on.

At Chicago Mastering Service, we also cut lacquer masters used for vinyl record pressing – this adds a whole other level of QC to the process, as we must literally cut audio onto a physical substrate that has it’s own issues, whether it be frequency response or side length or overall loudness.

I also rather enjoy recording – most of the work I do is live location recording, predominantly acoustic music, whether it be classical or jazz or whathaveyou. Although that’s most of the music I record, it’s not most of what I listen to.  I like all music, as long as it’s good (well, maybe except for pop-country, I just can’t with that stuff), and enjoy mastering because it allows me to work with all genres of music.  If you’re interested in me mastering a project, feel free to visit Chicago Mastering Service‘s page for rates, and information on how to get started.  

If you are interested in Recording, please contact me via my website!

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